Shea butter. Heaven in your hands

Now I’ll be telling you about Shea butter, also known like Karite, you probably already know it, then you can confirm my words how it’s so useful}

What?, Made from? – Karite extracted from the nuts, which are in the fruits of African Shea tree.

Consistence, Smell: Raw unrefined butter has solid consistency, but in hands starts melting and finally can be look like a dense nourishing cream, not oil. It’s a specific flavor which reminds me smell of desert, hot sand.

Effects: Nourish, hydration skin, anti-wrinkle and stretch mark, rich of antioxidants and vitamins A, E, F. Noncomedogenic. Healing chapped lips, psoriasis and eczema, sunburn, cracked skin, bruising, dermatitis. Getting rid of dandruff & dry scalp, stimulate hair growth, makes hair soft and silky. Also interesting, Shea Butter contains a high content of cinnamic acid which works like a natural sunscreen, approximately SPF-6. As a decongestant and anti-inflammatory for sprains and joint pains.

Historical facts: According to legend, beautiful Cleopatra loved using it…Many famous travelers (for example, the Arab geographer Al Umari(1301-1349) or the Scottish explorer Mungo Park(1771-1806)) mentioned shea tree and butter, when told about African culture. In Africa it considered almost sacred. In early 1940 scientific studies confirmed that people who use shea butter, almost do not suffer from skin diseases, but their skin is remarkably smooth and elastic. Confusion about the name of the tree and the butter has arisen as a result of big interest British and French explorers. British Shea and french Karite.

What can i say…it’s amazing natural product, really useful. I make lip balm, apply like an overnight hair mask, like a soothing eye balm-mask, like a cream for dry skin or apply on feet with food wrap for all night, in the morning you will be have heels of divine}. You can use it like a basis for cream or lotion. Butter’s also so nice for massage. I’ll forever praise it.

In additional, i want to say choose raw unrefined butter as it retains more useful properties, because refined butter is exposed high heat treatment, add flavorings etc as a result of losing most of the advantages. Also keep it in a fridge or it deteriorates soon.

sheabutter Shea butter

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