Loving Hut. Paris

Review of Loving Hut in Paris


What’s it?Vegetarian and vegan restaurant 

Where’s it? France, Paris 75011, 92 Boulevard Beaumarchais 

Atmosphere: Simple friendly staff, nothing more

Price: Depends from dishes, but fresh juices are quite expensive

Opening times: Monday to Saturday from 12 to 15 pm and 19 to 22.30 pm

Contacts: paris.lovinghut.fr Tel 01 48 06 43 84

Actually, I was a little bit disappointed. I know this restaurant from other cities, but in Paris It’s like more commercial, without really vegan open-minded atmosphere, and also, all the time on TV show horrible news or what? where is dead pig, blood brrrr :(, we are already vegetarian, vegan etc We don’t need to see it. I went to this place for relax, enjoy atmosphere, people and food…

Food. What can I say…there’s you have choice for vegetarian dishes, but nothing for raw vegan, also, I think, typical vegan want to eat different salads or drink fresh juice, which were just two types and expensive. Maybe I’m so fastidious, I don’t know. However, if you are vegetarian, you want having lunch, it’s place would be perfect.

If someone knows vegetarian restaurant/cafe in Paris preferably where is I can find raw food and a varied selection of fresh juices, can you tell me, please, it’d be so kind of you}

It was my dinner, price 15 euros, juice was 8 euros per 250 ml:

Loving Hut dinner

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